Mediated Role of Biological Teachers’ Motivation between Big-five Personality and Organizational Commitment

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Laras Kurnia Fajarwati, I Made Putrawan, Diana Vivanti S


This research was aimed at finding out the information whether teacher's organizational commitment affected by both big-five personality and motivation. To achieve this objective, a causal survey method used by selecting around 89 biological teachers randomly in Jakarta. All variables measured by developing three instruments which each was characterized by reliability of 0.79 for organizational commitment, 0.84 for personality, and 0.77 for motivation. Data analyzed by path analysis. The research results revealed that motivation has been proven to be a good mediator between teacher’s personality and organizational commitment. Moreover, teacher’s personality found directly and significantly affected teacher’s organizational commitment. Therefore, it could be concluded that the desire of teachers to stay or withdraw from school could be considered by looking into its personality and teachers’ motivation. These findings could be beneficially applied in developing a school policy which implied that when school want to improve and maintain teachers’ organizational commitment, the role of teacher motivation and their personality could not be neglected, especially in recruiting them.

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