Inspirational Stories in The Hikayat Prang Sabi as Character Education That Souls Jihad Aceh

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Mukhlis, RN Herman


Hikayat Prang Sabi has inspired the character of Acehnese society in general. The story in this saga was able to make the people of Aceh survive several periods of war: the Portuguese war (1511), the Dutch war (1873), the Japanese war (1942), to the period of the Aceh conflict with Jakarta (1976-2005) which gave birth to the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). ). The text of Hikayat Prang Sabi has also become a patron of war literature as revealed by many researchers. In this saga there are several inspirational stories that become the doctrine of jihad. The doctrine of jihad serves as character education in the form of nationalism and patriotism. This study tries to explore the values ​​of character education through these inspiring stories. This study provides a comprehensive picture of character education in the form of the concept of jihad in Acehnese society through Hikayat Prang Sabi. The methodology used is descriptive-qualitative. Every inspirational story in this saga text is described qualitatively. The data that has been described are analyzed using a literary hermeneutic approach to obtain a universal interpretation regarding the concept of jihad in Hikayat Prang Sabi. The results of the study show that Hikayat Prang Sabi contains several stories from the time of the prophet. These inspirational stories include (1) Abdul Wahib, a teenager who chose the path of jihad to spend his youth; (2) Said Salmi, the ugly black slave who married a beautiful girl; (3) the story of the newlyweds who jihad before the seventh day of their marriage; (4) an old man who has not been gifted with children. These stories inspire the spirit of the Acehnese to fight against the invaders so that they form a national character in the form of nationalism and patriotism. The Hikayat Prang Sabi can be said to be the concept of jihad for the Acehnese and muslim society in general which includes national character education. As a war narrative, this saga summarizes all concepts of jihad. As a literary text, this saga carries the aesthetic value of social religious wisdom.


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