Has the Young Generation become Tolerant?Actualizing the Values of Tolerance in National Culture

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Triana Rejekiningsih, Triyanto, An-nisa Nur Sholihah Indah, Luhur Budi Sayekti


This study aims at exploring 1) the attitudes of tolerance among the younger generation; 2) inculcating the values of tolerance in the younger generation, and 3) the existing tolerance values in the national culture. This is a qualitative descriptive study, which explores various social symptoms in the society to be analyzed to answer the formulated problems. The data were technically collected using the method of observation and interviews. The study results concluded that; 1) today's younger generation's tolerance attitude shows an intolerant tendency toward differences in religion, culture, race, ethnicity and individual views. 2) To present, the values of tolerance in the younger generation are inculcated through learning, but those that give priority to the cognitive aspects are confined to textual and abstract conceptual knowledge. This model of learning does not yet have a deep and complete insight into the true values of tolerance which shape part of the cultural values of the dynamics of a nation's life. 3) The values of tolerance in the national culture in Indonesia which contain the values of tolerance  are manifested in the value of togethernes, the value of equality, the value of acceptance, the inculcation of love, the value of mutual cooperation, the value of empathy, the value of harmony, the value of solidarity, the value of openness, and the value of respect.

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