The Effect of Adaptive Physical Education toward Confidence of Blind Children

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Vania Martha Yunita, Sunardi, Agus Kristiyant


Blind children or children with visual impairment is an individual with visual impairments that cause an individual’s mobility and psychological impact. The aim of this research to know the effect of adaptive physical education to improve the confidence of children with visual impairment. This research was using experiment approach with one group pretest-posttest research design. The sample of this research totally 8 children with visual impairment. The data collection was using attitude scale. The instrument data validity was using content validity test then continued examine the instrument once. The examination result then was analyzed using moment product from Kearl Pearson with help from SPSS 23. The instrument realibility test was using Alpha-Croanbach formula with help of SPSS 23. The data analysis technique was using non-parametric marked rank test analysis. The research result showed adaptive physical education can improve confidence of children with visual impairment.

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