Building Knowledge Management Through the Tacit Knowledge Video

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Aniek Juliarini, Jamila Lestyowati


One of the things done in the knowledge management is making tacit knowledge videos.  This study aims to: (1) analyze the process of tacit knowledge video production; (2) analyze the obstacles faced in making tacit knowledge videos; (3) find a solution to the obstacles encountered in making video tacit knowledge. The method used is the action research method where the authors conducted this research themselves, and then analyzed in a descriptive qualitative manner. The study uses primary and secondary data in the form of processes and experiences conducted by researchers, literature study, and video searching on Kemenkeu Learning Center (KLC). The results showed that the making of video through a series of processes, which are pre-production, production, post-production, evaluation, and uploading on KLC. The obstacle of making videos is because there is no clarity of the deadline for completing the work in the quality control stage and the lack of Widyaiswara's ability to make videos. The results of this action research can be copied by other parties who will do similar research. Another important finding from this research is the need for employees with special expertise in the video making.

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