The Analysis of “Search Solve Create Share” Learning Model Using Schoology Apps: Indonesian Syntax Learning

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Kundharu Saddhono, Cahyo Hasanudin, A Fitrianingsih


The purpose of this study is to investigate the  students’ acts in the phases of search, solve, create, and share when SSCS learning of syntax subject is using schoology apps. This qualitative research uses descriptive approach. The research subjects are all students in the fourth semester in class A of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department. Data sources are in forms of the test results of syntax, interview, observations, and documentations. Research instruments are in form of interview guidelines, test questions, and the guidelines of observation. The data are analysed using content analysis method. To get the validity of the data, data source and method triangulation techniques are used in this study. The results showed that in the search phase, students are capable to understand the differences between phrases, compound words, and idioms; find out additional informations from another sources; and give the examples of phrases, compound words, and idioms. In the solve phase, students use appropriate method in categorizing and analysing single sentences and compound sentences. In the create phase, students are able to discover the phrases of the three pictures and make compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences with its syntactic functions. In the share phase, students upload their answers in the discussion columns, they get feedback from the lecturer and their peers, then they revise it.

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