The Application of Quality Function Deployment for the Development of Rubber Sheet Machine

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Phanuwat Wongsangnoi, Nalin Pianthong, Nattadon Pannucharoenwong


This research aims to find suitable ways to develop a rubber flat sheet extrusion machine. To meet the needs of customers by applying qualitative distribution techniques by exploring the needs of The sample farmers in the 4 provinces with a large amount of rubber flat sheet production in the Northeastern region are Sakon Nakhon Province, Nakhon Phanom Province, Mukdahan Province and Bueng Kan Province, which have two operating procedures, Part 1. Is to collect customer requests by interviewing Then group the customer demand factors with a link group chart to bring out the questionnaire and to find the weight score of the importance of each factor of the development of rubber sheet extrusion machine Part 2 is to build a quality house to find technical requirements. Relationship between technical specifications and the relationship between customer demand factors and technical requirements. By scoring the correlation and ranking the result was the time of extruding the rubber. The weight was 131.2, the relative priority (% Relative) 7.99, the thickness-thin adjustment was 118.5, the relative importance (% Relative) 7.22 and the size of the rubber sheet. The weight was 114.4 priority by comparison (% Relative) 6.98, respectively.


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