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Lutfi Saefullah, Husain Syam, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Haedar Akib,


Seaborne trade is an important component of world trade by which, Indonesia’s water becomes very important and vital in contributing to the world economy. Notwithstanding the strategic meaning of Indonesian water to the World, Indonesian water is still the full responsibility of Indonesia. Indonesia has made substantial and sustained efforts to maintain the safety and security of its sea lanes of communication by updating paper charts, installing navigational aids, broadcasting maritime hazards and weather forecasts, and patrolling certain areas. These efforts show that Indonesia, somewhat, has undertaken its obligations in taking care of the international community interests. Nevertheless, user states and other ships which use chokepoints within Indonesia’ water and derive significant benefits within sometimes do not realize as such. Therefore, this article on the results of normative research aims to explain the need to increase maritime security cooperation as a precondition for achieving the common goals of countries that utilize Indonesian waters and surrounding countries as a route of transportation, trade, cultural exchange, science and civilization.

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