Higher education as a factor in increasing economic growth in Uzbekistan

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Ochilov Akram Odilovich, Ganieva Sharifa, Babaeva Lola, Abdullaeva Komila, Muhammadieva Zarifa.


Recently, Uzbekistan has paid much attention to higher education as a factor in increasing economic growth. The mission of the research was to determine what, along with human resources and capital, higher education, whether it can have an impact on the economic growth of the country. In this regard, this article examines the problems and achievements of educational and innovation systems, as well as their role in stimulating economic growth. The analysis of the results of scientific research showed the relationship between the number of highly qualified personnel with higher education and economic growth. Regression assessment with GDP growth as a dependent variable and number of graduates, expenditures per graduate and accumulated average school year as independent variables revealed the relationship between higher education and economic growth in Uzbekistan.

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