Entrepreneurship Development: Managing Change And Complexity with Innovation

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Dr. Rashmi Bhatia, Dr.Arun Bhatia, Dr. Bidisha Banerji


Entrepreneurship can be viewed as a creative and innovative response to the environment and an ability to recognize, initiate and exploit an economic opportunity. An entrepreneur is an innovator who introduces something new in an economy. Entrepreneurship is doing things that are generally not done in the ordinary course of business. Innovation may be in introducing a new manufacturing process that has not yet been tested and commercially exploited, introduction of a new product with which the customers are not familiar or introducing a new quality in an existing product, locating a new source of raw material or semi finished product that was not exploited earlier, opening a new market, hitherto unexploited, where the company products were not sold earlier, or, developing a new combination of means of production. Innovation involves problem solving and an entrepreneur is a problem solver. An entrepreneur does things in a new and a better way. A traditional businessman working in a routine manner is not entrepreneurial. Innovation leads to the dynamics that governs the interaction between science, industry, and society. Innovative organization must prepare for renewing the offerings and its delivery process to its stakeholders to survive in today’s globalised world. In the present paper, concept of innovation and entrepreneurship has been studied by the authors. The paper aims to examine the role of innovative entrepreneurs in the innovation of products/services that helps the business in survival and growth in present globalised market place.

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