An investigation on approach of the learning environment in urban design

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Maryam Rajabi , Elham Shrifian , Mohsen Rafian


The environment and its current components play an essential role in human learning. There is an interactive and mutual relationship between humans and environment. The relationship which is established between the container and the object in urban areas can be a type of learning and learner. The environment brings us together and disperses. People learn in it, become cultured, think, learn, organize themselves, and consolidate. The aim of this study is to explain the concept of learning space in the city as a place of learning through providing theoretical foundations.  The method is used in this study is a qualitative-descriptive method by using theoretical issues in learning and human-environment relationship under discussion in educational and environmental psychology. The finding demonstrated that in urban learning environments, the real needs of human beings are redefined and also they are designed and adopted to learning needs.


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