Special Organized Educational Activity as a Factor of Prophylactic And Correction of Teenager’s Deviant Behavior

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Boranbaev Begis, Alliyarov Ashraf


The aim of the article to study the problems of deviant behavior of adolescents, which are formed and aggravated due to the lack of specially organized educational activities both in the family and in educational institutions; analyze different views and approaches to the essence of deviant behavior. Methods. Theoretical analysis, generalization of scientific facts, analysis of pedagogical practice, questionnaires, observation, conversation, testing, ascertaining and teaching experiments, methods of mathematical statistics. Result. Measures for preventive and correctional and educational activities of an educational organization based on the principles:value-oriented, moral-humanistic, unity of interaction between parents,different specialists and social institutions, the priority of preventive measures, prevention andcorrection of problems, differentiation of assistance depending on the level and nature of the deviating(deviant) behavior, timeliness of socio-pedagogical and psychological assistance and support. Conclusions. The considered psychological and pedagogical aspects of educational activities adolescents with deviant behavior made it possible to identify and formulate preventive measures in educational activity of adolescents who are prone to deviation of behavioral norms. Revealed list forms and methods of educational work with children and adolescents. These measures include the improvement of the psychosocial environment for the upbringing and development of children and adolescents; educational and preventive work with the participation of competent adults, educators and psychologists; education and training, taking into account the gender and age specifics of the somatic and mental development of children and adolescents.

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