Studying the frequencies of the monthly middle-level cloud cover CM in Iraq.

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Budoor Mohammed Dawood Al-Najjar, Dr. Ali A Kazem


The concept of the research is based on the study of middle-level cloud cover, and its upper span reaches 6 km, and it may exceed that up to 7 km, as it may overlap slightly in the level of high clouds.In terms of frequency, the upper and lower limit for the period 1988-2018 and spatially for the nine types of middle-level  clouds by choosing 13 climate monitoring stations distributed geographically. The study showed that the highest annual average monthly recurrence for the first type was recorded for the Diwaniyah station during April, the second type for the Mosul station in December, the third for Baghdad in December, the fourth type for the Diwaniyah station in November and the fifth in the Al-Hayy station in January, the sixth for the Baghdad station in October and the seventh for the Khalis station in March and the eighth station of Nasiriyah in November. As for the ninth type, it was found from the study that the stations did not record frequency of this type, as the annual rate of the monthly recurrence of its presence is almost non-existent for all stations.

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