Women Writers in India: Tracing Feminism

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Ms. Bharti, Dr. Shriya Goyal


From pre-Independence period to the contemporary times, women’s voice is gradually being heard and gaining momentum. It is hoped as well as expected that women would soon become a prominent voice making a mark in the society. Their point of view along with their decision making authority will have a definite and constructive impact on the society. This can be inferred from the literature by various Indian women writers such as Pandita Ramabai, Ismat Chughtai, Kamala Das and Shashi Deshpande. As we move from one decade to another entering the 21st century, we observe how women have been able to break the cocoon of domesticity, marking their presence in various socio-political spheres which have been usually dominated by men. Women have sought their space for expression and voicing opinion through literature. Depicting the oppression and discrimination faced in the patriarchal setup of Indian society, the women writers have pointed at the need for equality in practice as well as representation. The article will provide a discussion regarding Feminism in India, analysing each period or phase along with a women writer.

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