Goal Setting and Fear of Failure among Indigent Adolescents

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Dr. Vandana Jain, Anmol Joy Antony


Goal setting is the action plan designed by an individual to achieve his/her goals while fear of failure is a motive to avoid failure in most of evaluative situations based on anticipatory shame upon failure of the person in concern. This study aims at finding correlation between  goal setting and fear of failure among indigent adolescents of Kalina, Mumbai. For this, the sample size of 87 indigent students was taken among which 53 were females and 34 were males. Goal Setting Formative Questionnaire by Gaumer Erickson, A.S. & Noonan, P.M (2018) and Performance Failure Appraisal Inventory (PFAI) by David E. Conray, Ph.D. were used, which has high reliability. Exploratory research design was used for the study and this study gives further scope for parents, counselors, educational sectors and social workers to give needful opportunities to indigent population and to acknowledge their levels of Goal setting and reduce fear of failure.

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