Redefining Sustainable Development

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Dr. Gurudutta P Japee, Dr. Preeti Oza


Millions of papers have been published and the same amounts of discussions have been made on the topic of Sustainable Development. Despite that, the situation is getting worsen day by day, not even meager progress has been reported. The culture, which is developed in society wherein, dead are worshipped and living people are crushed under the legs of power politics. It has stolen humanity from humans the structured society has created an institutional crisis and emotional crisis. People are suffering from dark emotions irrespective of any group of age. Instead of debating about the topic, we should start nudging society for sustainable development at the micro-level. Working at the Macro level for sustainable development without talking about the micro-level is not only futility but also wasting of resources. The ubiquitous three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi depicting moral gestures see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil are the ardent requirement of the 21st Century as it talks about emotions at the micro-level as it talks about how socially communicability is needed in society. 

It is noteworthy that the small three monkey figurine was among the few belongings of Mahatma Gandhi that always remained with him. However, “A photograph of the few personal possessions which Mahatma Gandhi has left to the world and spoons appear in the picture along with his favorite book of songs and the figurine of the three monkeys whom he used to call his gurus. The Monkeys symbolize the injunctions to speak no evil, to see no evil, and to hear no evil.” In this paper, an attempt has been made to establish a trinity model of Gandhi, Buddha, and Dark Emotions which can help society to think positive to irradiate dark emotions which in turns helps in sustainable development

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