Quality Assessment of Indian Universities: An Analytical Study of NAAC Accreditation Scores

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Ravikumar K, Sasmitarani Samanta, Amiya Kumar Rath, S Srinivasaragavan


This paper reveals that the performance and quality enhancement initiatives of Indian Universities based on the accreditation scores attained through the NAAC assessment process in terms of Criteria wise analysis, Region wise analysis and State wise analysis of Universities have been made. It is observed that average CGPA for the five regions of the country, Southern region is dominant with 3.07, which is followed by North Eastern region Universities with average CGPA of 3.04. Analysis through region wise, the performance of Universities is in the Eastern region is low as per the RAF of NAAC accreditation. Analysis through region wise, It  would reveal that among the State Universities, Northern region have got higher score of CGPA (2.94), which is followed by Western region (2.93) and Southern region (2.90).In general observation is that the accredited State Universities are didn’t performing well. Since no region would acquire the CGPA of 3.0 and all India CGPA is 2.85, it shows the dissimilarities among the Universities in terms of performance quality with regard to all criterion. It is quiet surprise to know that the average CGPA of Research, Consultancy, and Extensions (3) is very much low with 2.65 compare with other criterions. Being the Universities, they need to make emphasize on enhancing the quality of research. The largest share of accredited institutions are from Western and Northeastern region. In general, the response from the university sector is better compared to that from the college sector.

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