The Integration of Lecturers’ Professionalism and Intelligence with Environment Insight

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Sunarto, E. Handayani Tyas, Lamhot Naibaho, Elferida Sormin, Bernadetha Nadeak


This research is about the integration of lecturers' professionalism and intelligence with the lecturers' environment insight. It was done in order to find out the relationship between lecturers' professionalism with lecturers environment insight and the relationship between lecturers' intelligence with lecturers environment insight. This research was done at the Christian University of Indonesia. The respondents of the research were 96 lecturers who were taken randomly out of 335 lectures. The research results show that there are positive relationships between lecturers' professionalism with environmental insight and lecturers' intelligence with environmental insight. It is concluded that the higher the lecturers’ professionalism and intelligence, the higher is the lecturers' environment insight.

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