Survey Online Learning in the Pandemic Time of Covid-19, Case Study at Universitas Kristen Indonesia

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Mesta Limbong, Asnah Limbong, Agustinus Palimbong


This study aims to determine the implementation of online learning and the obstacles that faced by lecturers and students at the Universitas Kristen Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Changes to online learning nationally are new in Indonesia, including at the Universitas Kristen Indonesia. So far, face to face learning dominates. Online learning at UKI was done briefly and partially, without proper preparation, socialization and provision to lecturers and students. Respondents who contributed to the online learning survey at UKI were 621 students and five lecturers. The findings showed that what was conducted on students and lecturers, turned out that there were no optimal supporting media to facilitated online learning, student quota was limited, students were also bored with online lectures. Some students did not have the media necessary for online learning. From the lecturers’ side, it turned out that not all lecturers understood using the Teams media, zoom and also did not understand the features in it. The positive thing that students get from online learning: more courageous in communicating with fellow students and lecturers. The obstacles that detected are followed up by helping lecturers and students, providing quota assistance for students, tuition fees were paid with lenient payments, providing assistance from alumni and other assistance to support the students. And, for lecturers, assistance was provided even though the implementation was partial.

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