Analysis Of Cash Fund Generation Through Istibdal Method On Waqf Land: A Case Study In The State Of Johor

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Afiffudin Mohammed Noor, Che Zuina Ismail, Marina Abu Bakar


In waqf property management activities, especially waqf lands, the State Islamic Religious Council (MAIN) faces significant constraints in terms of funds. This is because the majority of waqf lands are donated with special waqf, in which the waqf giver has required a development on the land. However, the majority of waqf givers only donate land without providing capital or funds to MAIN to carry out development activities as required on the land. This problem has been the cause of the waqf lands being abandoned and unable to be developed.

               To overcome this problem, the method of istibdal suggested by scholars as a medium to generate waqf funds can be studied. According to Mat Rani (2012), waqf fund generation can be implemented in various forms. One form of waqf fund generation is through the concept of istibdal. The same opinion can also be seen in the debate on the empowerment of waqf instruments in economic development. A study by Bahari (2012), he has stated that the concept of istibdal can be a fund generator for waqf property development.

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