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Abubakar et al.


This paper aims to explain the variables that affect the development of esports in Indonesia as part of the 2020 research results in 6 (six) provincial capitals. The research was conducted in Senior High Schools (SMA) by taking 3 (three) schools in each of the sample provincial capitals. The object of research is students who are obtained from those who know and like online games. Each school was taken 30 students as a sample, so that the total sample is 540 students. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to sample students. The questionnaire has been tested to determine the validity and reliability of the items in the questionnaire. The analysis was carried out through the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique using the Lisrel 87.0 program. The results showed that the variables of business actors / game development, organizational management by the government, local governments, mass and electronic media, and esports coaches had a positive effect on community involvement, family environment, and the application of esports in schools (SMA). Esports management in schools will result in an increase in quantity and quality. These various variables need to be considered in the development of esports in schools by paying attention to indicators that contribute value to each variable, such as: Game Developers sponsor esports competitions, the government strengthens the management of esports organizations, local governments support esports infrastructure, the mass media supports influencer involvement, and so on.

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