Historical and philosophical issues of active citizenship and initiative in youth.

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Egamberdieva Aziza Mustafaevna


In every society, strengthening the active citizenship of the country's youth is an important process.  Such views on the development of the civic position have been explored by many jurists, political scientists and philosophers in the twentieth century as the object of study of social reform through their research.  Their activities focused on the initiative of citizens in society, philosophical issues aimed at protecting the interests of the people in the ongoing reforms in the ideological, political and legal spheres.  The processes of regulating the relationship between the citizen and the state, the decision-making of the civic position of society on the basis of values ​​have always been studied as a topical issue.  Enhancing the initiative of young people in public administration, deep understanding of their active civic duty in all activities and respect for democratic values, the formation of the ability to adapt to changing conditions of life are important aspects.

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