October War 1973 And Iraqi Stance

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Fatma Hussein Salomi


The research entitled ( October War 1973 and the Iraqi Stance  ) is summarized in the causes of the October war or as it is called in Egyptian literature that war which greatly undermined the Egyptian forces and gave the Arab army the great ability to achieve the desired goals . Whether in the Golan plateau or Sinai, and a great insistence on restoring the lands that were occupied by Israel in 1967 . Where this war demonstrated the military ability of the Arab forces, their unification of forces and confrontation to respond to achieve victory . So the research clearly shows the Arab stance, including the stance of Iraq . Which has been strengthened through active participation alongside Egypt and Syria . Despite the Arab region faces of internal and external challenges , but Iraq participated in this war in defying suffering of the Iraqi army to reaching the battlefield and the border distance and resolving it in favor of the Arabs and achieving the supportive victory and raising the morale of all participating forces .Especially this war showed the size of the close relationship between the United States and Israel as an integral part of the general policy of many monopolistic institutions in the Arab region ,  failure of the Israeli intelligence to find the secrets of battlefield and in concern of support the war for Arab solidarity . Which it was represented by the participation of Iraq, Jordan and Morocco in fighting on the Syrian front . Such as participation of Algeria and Kuwait in fighting on the Egyptian front . So from this standpoint , the war formed a form of liberation movements that contributed to defeat the Israeli army with all its military capabilities and drawing the required end to this fateful battle


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