Role of Bollywood Cinema in Shaping Youngerstersfor Social Awareness

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Dr. Neeraj Khattri, Arshita Singh


The potential of cinema from thebeginning is used in such a way which benefits the society.The role of Cinema on society has been recognized from the very beginning of Cinema itself. It has been seen that children who cannot get good education but can easily acquire bad habits- buy two anna tickets and watch cinema daily. The society needs to be made aware of the influence of Cinema on the social and moral turnout of the viewers. An attempt has been made to evaluate the social implications of Cinema which is the powerful medium of information, education and entertainment results in the process of opinion building in various social groups. Community is very much influenced by the cinema and they inhale psychological, cultural, sociological changes along with the drastic changes in lifestyle. In recent times cinema often started to show some sensitive issues related to menstruation, women harassment, drug consumption, sexualviolence, etc. Before these movies no one wants to talk about these things they consider it as taboo for society, people never want to talk about erectile dysfunction sanitation, menstrual hygiene etc but some director and actors raise these issue and motivate people to stand for themselves. Movies like Shubh Mangal JaydaSavdhaan,Toilet ek prem Katha, Phullu and soon address such issues and give courage to talk about that.Through this research paper the attempt was made to analyze the effect of cinema on people and how people accept them. This research also tries to show that movies are not just for entertainment purpose or for commercial success but it also tries to raise social issues and stigma.

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