Dana Paramita as A Social Movement of Buddhist Community

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Situ Asih et al.


This article is intended to describe the understanding, form, and type of dana paramita carried out by the Buddhist community, especially at the Nichiren Shoshu Buddha Dharma Council in Central Java. Besides, it also describes how social movement in Buddhist societies occurred through the implementation of dana paramita. The research method used is a qualitative method with an ethnographic approach. The results showed that the dana paramita is one of the practices of the asceticism in Buddhism, namely the attitude of practising generosity, which is part of the sad paramita (6 noble traits). According to its type, dana is divided into two types namely dana in the form of materials or objects given to people in need (Amisedana) and dana in the form of the inner form of advice or sermon Dhamma (Dhammadana). The dana paramita, developed by the Buddhist community in Central Java, resulted in social movement, especially at the Nichiren Shoshu Buddha Dharma Assembly. The form of a social movement can be seen from the attitude of the Buddhist community in carrying out religious activities. The awareness of the community to participate in contributing material for the success of religious activities is increasing, besides that, there is a change in the principle of life that "with dana paramita, then we can break the poor soul"


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