The Management Model of Rajabhat Universities in Local Development for Excellent Performance

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Duangphon Saengthong et al.


This thesis is conducted based on the following objectives: 1) to study the management of Rajabhat Universities in local development for excellent performance; 2) to study the causal factors influencing management results in local development for implementation; 3) to present the form and conditions of successful management in local development for excellent performance. The study incorporated the use of multiple research methods. Step 1: qualitative research method and in-depth interviews were performed with 20 senior executives and stakeholders of Rajabhat University. Step 2: quantitative research was conducted with 525 stakeholders in order to examine factors affecting the management of local development performance excellence. Step 3: By 20 experts were asked to confirm suitability and practicality of the model using a 5-level assessment scale. The results of the research revealed that the administrative model of  Rajabhat University for local development excellence is comprised of 6 and 50 elements as follows: Component 1) Measurement, analysis, and personnel-oriented knowledge management style; Component 2) Strategic planning; Component 3) Local development and Customer-oriented management; Component 4) Leading organization; Component 5) Operating system-oriented management; and Component 6) Outcome and suitability assessment confirmation from 20 experts (Expert Review). Result shown te suitability and feasibility of the model is at the highest level.

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