Farmers Response on Government Policy in Soybean UPSUS

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Jati Nurcholis, Tandi Balla, Tandi Balla, Ezra Artasastah, M Chairulbasrun Umanailo


The increase in production of rice commodities, corn, and soy (Pajale) continues to be encouraged by the Government to provide adequate needs to avoid exports. This Program has been conducted intensively on the activities of the state BUDGET-year 2017.  The purpose of this research is 1) to know the response of farmers to the soy UPSUS program, and 2) to know the income received by farmers in the soybean UPSUS Program. The method of research is conducted using survey method, the form of primary data collection by providing questions to the respondent, hereinafter, to know the level of admission of soybean farming is done using R/C ratio analysis. As the results, the average age of farmers in productive age (45), all farmers have participated in formal education, and among them, there are 17 people at basic educated. Mostly there are three people as Family members.   Experience farming range between 26 and 32 years, and the area of land tenure > = 1.7 ha.  Revenue acquisition of farmers Upsus in the 1-time production process (on average four months) obtained a net profit of IDR 4.960.000, -with R/C Ratio acquired the value of 2.03, which means that soybean cultivation deserves to cultivate

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