PAIKEM: Fun Learning as a Strategy to Improve Learning Achievement of High School Students in South Aceh

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Muhammad Jafar, RN Herman, Rahmad Nuthihar, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo


This research is related to the role of teachers in the application of active, innovative, creative, effective, and fun learning (PAIKEM) to improve the learning achievement of high school students in South Aceh District. This research uses a quantitative approach with descriptive research type. The population of this study were students of class XI high school in South Aceh District for the academic year 2019/2020. There are 1376 students who are the population of this study. Given the large population, this study uses Cluster Sampling and Proposional Random Sampling to determine the research sample. The sample of this research is 176 students of class XI high school in South Aceh District. Data collection techniques were carried out through questionnaires and documentation. The data analysis technique uses a percentage in order to know the answer to each item and the product moment correlation formula to determine the level of the relationship between learning achievement and learning methods. The results showed that the role of teachers in implementing PAIKEM in South Aceh District was running well with a percentage of 38%. There is a positive and significant relationship between the role of teachers in the application of PAIKEM and student achievement (r = 0.203) so that the application of PAIKEM contributes 20%. It is hoped that teachers will always take the initiative in developing their expertise in implementing learning in accordance with PAIKEM so that the teaching and learning process is more enjoyable and can improve student learning achievement

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