The Impact of Distance Learning Requirements in Achieving Learning Outcomes During COVID- 19 Pandemic A study at Private Jordanian universities

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Dr. Basem Barqawi, Dr. Sahar Abu Bakir


Despite that the system of higher education has been greatly affecting during the crisis of COVID-19, the Higher Education institutions forced to adapt to the new situation quickly and change the models of education from traditional system to distance learning system because of the increasing of student enrollments. Although there are different systems of Distance Learning which helps students get their education, still doubts of achieving the planed learning outcomes.

The aim of this paper is to try understand the most requirements needed to build a good distance learning system, and to know the impact of distance learning requirements in achieving learning outcomes during COVID-19 at the private Jordanian universities.

The results revealed that the Jordanian Private Universities operating at Amman are aware of the importance of distance learning requirements (The Human Resources, the Infrastructure, the Academic, the Financial, and the Managerial). And the learning outcomes (the knowledge, skills and competencies) were achieved by using distance learning as a substitute of face to face education.

For this purposes a purposive sample was selected consisted of (11) Universities that are operating at AmmanGovernorate, and the sampling unit was consisted of those who occupied the positions of dean and head of academic department in the (11) universities, and their number reached (235).

The most important recommendation of this paper is to strengthen the human resources, the infrastructure and the academic requirements, and to get attention more to the financial and the managerial requirements on achieving leaning outcomes.


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