The Role of Community Engagement in Higher Education: Convergence Relating to Knowledge Growth- a Practical Model and Guidelines

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Chala Wata Dereso, Harrison Sunil Kumar Domathoti , Ram Gopal N. Ch


As attention to community engagement nurtures and it is important that instructors, students, and community associatescomprehend how it is conceptualized. This paper representsresults from a qualitative review with academics and community engagement superintendents nationwide with esteem to how they conceptualize community service.This article reiterates the definition and thoughtfulnessof communityservice as one of the crucialareas of Higher Education Establishments in Ethiopia.Itsseizures the significance of a proper methodologyin the direction of community serviceand contributes about a applied method through the multifacetedinteraction between academic societies and communities. The present study will launch a healthierawareness of the community, its traditions, and its cultural programs as anall-inclusive platform for consideratelocalsocieties. Theproposed recommendationsmay facilitate community engagement architects to prepare andimplement community servicesschemes effectively.

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