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V. Anupriya, Dr. G. S. Maheswari, Dr. M. Kavitha


Building brand resonance in a competitive market can play an active role in the modern marketing arena. It is now widely acknowledged by companies and business enterprises that strong brand resonance will create a competitive advantage in the marketplace that will enhance their overall reputation and credibility.Brand  resonance  depends  on  a  systematic  understanding  of  the  company’s  consumers,  competitors,  and marketing environment.  Brand resonance is based  on appropriate identity  that needs to  reflect the marketing strategy and the firm’s willingness to invest in the programs needed for the brand to live up to its promise as well as commitment to consumers. Strong brands take pleasure in consumer loyalty, the possibility to charge premium prices, and extensive brand power to hold up  new product  and service  launches.  Companies and business enterprises need to have careful as well as systematic understanding of consumer beliefs, behaviors, product or service characteristics as well as attributes and rivals.The continuous technological innovation creates a competitive scenario where brand loyalty is nullified with the uninterrupted inflow of competitive product varieties and models and the brand resonance effect in terms of relationship that a consumer has with the product and the extent to which consumers feel that they are in „sync‟ with the brand gets alleviated. Brand resonance refers to the nature of heightened brand-centric relationships and is characterized by intense psychological attachment with a brand as well as active, volitional behavior directed toward the brand's benefit.Mobile Users are very interested and eager to purchase Applei phone. This research is analysed the customer perception towards applei phone.

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