Comprehensive Reservoir Characterization and Petrophysical Evaluation Utilizing Wireline and Core Data for Cretaceous Formation in Northern Iraqi Oil Field

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Adnan Ajam Abed, Mohammed Jawad Zeinalabideen, Raad Shakor Qader


Evaluating the petrophysical properties is vital corner for any reservoir description study. Well logging and core analysis are the main source for evaluating the petrophysical parameters and studying the reservoir characterization of the Cretaceous formation.

The studied well in the reservoir is W-2 which has enough well logs and core data at the Interval depth (3025m-3189m) to execute the analysis.

The well logging analysis was carried out through the Interactive Petrophysics (IP) software which used to detect lithology, shale volume, the porosity, permeability, and water saturation were measured through the petrophysical analysis. Integrated results of reservoir characterization and petrophysical measurements and well logging analysis revealed that the Cretaceous formation is considered as decent reservoir rocks due to their high values of effective porosity and permeability also Cretaceous formation represent high potentiality for producing hydrocarbon based on hydrocarbon saturation analysis.


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