A Pilot Study Of A Possible Effect From Environmental Dynamism On Internationalization Readiness With The Mediating Role Of Innovation

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Motaz Barakat Al-Nimera, Mutia Sobihah Binti Abd Halima, Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh


Internationalization of SMEs’ is now considered as an imperative subject in the international readiness field in developing countries such as Jordan. The impact of internal characteristics of firms on the extent of internationalization can be referred as international readiness. The aim of this study is to assess construct of environmental dynamism and its face reliability, and evaluate a small data sample, in a quantitative aspect, on the determinants of internationalization readiness with innovation as a mediating variable in Jordanian SMEs. The method of data collection utilized in this study was surveys; these were used to collect data from 100 managers, they were given questionnaires, using random sampling as the sampling technique. Consequently, the data collected from the sample was analysed using SPSS v22.0 in order to check the reliability. Even though the results have strengthened the reliability and face validity of the instruments that have been used in this study. Nonetheless, this research provides a comprehensive review of the critical factors for internationalization readiness to provide practical input the government and policy makers alike should utilize the outcome of this study for the benefits of economic development of the country.

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