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Jeffri Ardiyanto


Being a social leader is, first of all, acknowledging that there is a team of people responsible for the creation and implementation of all decisions and ideas. Speaking as a leader in terms of “I” needs to be replaced with “We”. But being a social leader is more than just knowing there is a team, it is knowing how to cultivate trust, care, and respect within the team. These values within the team will allow all the members to share ideas and collaborate, creating a more open atmosphere from which everyone has more of stake in leading the company through an ever-changing economic climate.Social leadership is a basic need in the world of institutions. The existence of a leader in social institutions is crucial in the planning, development and implementation and progress of a social institution. The existence of a leader as a figure greatly determines the success of an institution. There are many examples that can be used as benchmarks for the success of social leadership. Leadership cannot be separated from the educational background that someone has taken. A dreamer must have basic skills as a minimum requirement. From here it will form a different typology of social leadership.

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