Our Sense of Self: A Duoethnography of Teacher Leader Efficacy as Related to Introversion and Extroversion

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Meyer, C., Donnelly, M.


The purpose of this study is to use duoethnography as a means to explore the correlation between the perception of teacher leader effectiveness as department heads in secondary school settings and the nature and preponderance of self-determined personality traits. The authors discuss their experiences as teacher leaders in formal and informal settings, as well as their own perceptions of self and the implications on their daily interactions as teacher leaders.  The study examines the differences and similarities between the two author’s experiences as self-described introvert and extrovert as they discuss their perceptions of successes and growth. The practical implications of this study are to provide clear links to teacher leaders regarding self-efficacy of leadership style in regard to their own perceptions of self and leadership. The authors hope this study has implications for teacher leaders striving to enhance critical reflection strategies for facilitating transformative leadership experiences as well as aiming to build self-efficacy and personal awareness.

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