Privacy Rights during a Pandemic: A Comparative Study

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Anand Kumar Maurya


The pandemic situation seems likes a combatant in which every nation is suffering, that is paranormal because no one knew that this kind of prophecy could happen to the world.

 This situation has generated perpetual and persistent privacy issues for the common person of the nation. When the country is approaching the second position in terms of the per day positive cases with the tremendous increase in the hospitalization process, the demand for COVID centers is increasing, and the country is trying to build up butter equipment and services. Still, nothing is pre-defined on the nature of this COVID-19 pandemic. As the number of positive patients increases, they are being transferred to the COVID centers for better treatment. Officers are curtailing the right to information as the patients are not informed about anything like what has happened to them and at what level their disease is (condition). They are being taken at which center or at which hospital, even their family members have no information about the patent they left ideal, and nothing is provided to them. Over here right to be here and the right to privacy has been curtailed by the respective bodies that are monitoring the whole process. This research paper has talked about the patients’ privacy issues and their families at hospital centers and COVID centers. Impotently the Aargya Setu app, as well as PM care funds the government has used this app as a Aatm Nirbhar Bharat but the question, is that, which kind of information has been collected, in what way that information will be used and for what time period that information will be there in the apps and different software, which government have created and this raise a question on Right to Privacy.

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