Statistical Interpretation Of Physico-Chemical Parameters Of The Water Of River Chambal At Rangpur, Kota District And River Ujad At Bhimsagar Dam, Jhalawar District, Rajasthan

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Dr KM Sharma ,Surabhi Singh


Water, the elixir of life, is a priceless commodity and should be available to each and every person on this planet. Kota and Jhalawar districts are the fastest developing cities of Hadoti Division of Rajasthan. Though Kota is famous for its quality education and varied industries like cement, textile, fertilizers, limestone & power plants, still this cultural city is facing current trends of urbanization, over-exploitation of resources and exorbitantly increasing population. Therefore, study of physico-chemical parameters of water is considered as an important aspect of pollution studies in the environment.This study is aimed to explore the physico-chemical parameters of water quality standards and their statistical interpretation of the River Chambal at Rangpur, Kota D/S (2 km from City)[21] and U/S Bhimsagar Dam on River Ujad, Jhalawar District [22]of Hadoti Division.In this study, we found that Turbidity andfecal Coliform level are comparatively more than that of permissible limit in months of Monsoon Season. Different Statistical Analyses also explain the suitability of water for agriculture and domestic purposes.Sample S-2 in 2018 has objectionable value of SAR, KR and % Sodium.

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