Quality Comparison Between Students’ Religiosity In Madrasa, Primary, And Integrated Islamic Elementary School In Banjarmasin

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Barsihanor Barsihanor , Abdul Hafiz


The purpose of this study was to see whether there wass any difference in the quality of religiosity among students of primary. This study used a quantitative research approach to the type of comparative research. The results showed a significant value of 0.000, in which 0,042 less than 0.05 meant that there wass a significant difference in religiosity of students who enroll in MI Muhammadiyah 1, SDN surgi Mufti 4 and SDIT Nurul Fikri Banjarmasin. In general, the results of the religiosity of these three schools did not have any difference because all three had the same values ​​at intervals, and were all in the moderate category.

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