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Aliva Rosdiana, S.S., M.Pd, Olyvia Revalita Candraoka, M.Pd.


This study is carried out in Jepara, Central of Java, Indonesia to discuss dialect used of five districts in Jepara. The five districts were taken into consideration as well due to geographical features consists of ocean and mountain. The purpose of this study is to study dialects and geographical features of Jepara as they important elements of cultural identity. This field research, further, used theory of Sociolinguistics with descriptive qualitative approach.  Population sample taken was some areas in Jepara whose ages ranged from 17 to 65. This study provided significant findings on dialect awareness which has a big effect on cultural identity. According to the data, Jeparanese dialect influenced by its border areas such as Kudus, Demak, and Pati is separated into three categorization of Javanese used namely Javanese of Central of Java, Javanese of Karesidenan Pati, and Jeparanese. After having verification it is gained 75% for Jeparanese found, Javanese, 1.75% Javanese of Pati Residency, and 22.73%. By the highest percentage found, Jeparanese is defined as cultural identity settlers have due to the uniqueness dialects which differs from other Javanese. The dialect, consequently, effects cultural identity showed from habits.

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