Analysis Of Hots, Mots Dan Lots On The Questions Of Uambn Arabic Language Of Madrasah Aliyah In The 2013 National Curriculum Of Indonesia

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Muhammad Natsir, Ali As’ad, Alex Yusron Al Mufti


The 2013 curriculum demands a shift in the learning paradigm, its process and evaluation, including HOTS, MOTS, LOTS based assessments. This study used an evaluative research design which aims to analyze the Arabic language test items in the Islamic State Islamic University UAMBN under the auspices of the LP. Ma'arif Jepara Regency for the 2018/2019 academic year. The analysis includes the design and approach used in the preparation of the test, the content of the test material and the categorization of the quality level of the test items in the 2013 Curriculum curriculum; HOTS, MOTS or LOTS. The results showed that first, the approach used in the preparation of the test was an integrative approach for multiple choice test questions and a descrate approach - point test approach for essay test questions; Second, the content of the test material includes; Arab and Indonesian civilization culture, Muslim figures, language level, language rules, and sentence structure; and Third, the Arabic test questions in UAMBN include HOTS, MOTS, and LOTS questions. In the multiple choice questions, 11 questions (27.5%) in the LOTS category, 10 questions (25%) in the MOTS category, and 19 questions (47.5%) in the HOTS category. Meanwhile, the essay questions can be assessed as less proportional, namely 4 questions (80%) in the HOTS category, and 1 question (20%) in the MOTS category. Overall, the Arabic UAMBN test format for Madrasah Aliyah has been proportional by accommodating the format questions for the HOTS, MOTS, and LOTS categories.

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