Designing Pictorial Dictionary Entitled “Cibaya” Cinta Budaya Jepara For Improving Young Learners’ Vocabulary Skill

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Aprilia Riyana Putri, Anita Afrianingsih , Purwo Adi Wibowo


Introducing English to young learners is very important because English is an International Language and many young learners teachers especially in Jepara do not have English good competence background for teaching English to young learners. So, the reaseachers are designing pictorial dictionary entitled Cibaya for helping young learners teachers for teaaching their students in teaching and learning process. The pictorial dictionary are fulfilled by beautiful pictures and also definiton from each vocabularies. The aim for designing dictionary is not only introducing and improving English vocabulary for young learners but also for introducing Jepara culture and tradition through Cibaya dictionary. The vocabulary content in the dictionary is about  traditional food,  carving, Tourist destination and culture. The researchers hope that children in Jepara loves their own tradition and culture.The research method used development research with adopted from the design of Borg and Gall. The result of the expert validation of Cibaya pictorial dictionary showed  an average value 85%. This value indicates that this pictorial dictionary has good criteria and it is feasible to be an alternative media for introducing English vocabulary for young learners through Jepara’s culture and tradition from Cibaya pictorial dictionary.

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