Marketing Management for private madrasah based on excellent program in Jepara

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Sukarman Sukarman, Fatah Syukur, Raharjo Raharjo, Sholikah


This article is a research on educational service marketing management. This study emphasizes the marketing of educational services to private madrasah in Jepara. The purpose of this study is to capture and analyze the educational service marketing model carried out by private madrasah. This research is motivated by the high competition between private madrasah in Jepara. This high competition has an impact on the existence and sustainability of private madrasas themselves. This research is a field research using a qualitative descriptive approach. The findings of this study are that private madrasah in Jepara have similarities in Islamic education. However, this does not guarantee success in winning the competition in the marketing of educational services. The conclusion of this research is that apart from the style of Islamic education, madrasas must have added value which differentiates them from other private madrasas so that they can attract public interest.

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