Allegiance And The Mandate Of The Covenat In Islam

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Allawi M. Mezaal


    Perhaps it may come to mind that a topic entitled "The pledge of allegiance and the mandate of the Covenant in Islam" has been discussed a lot, Perhaps it comes to Find that a topic called "The pledge of allegiance and the mandate of the  Covenant in Islam "has been discussed a lot.  This is because of its importance in studying the conflict for power in Islam, and in fact this topic was covered in many Arab and foreign studies, and the opinions of researchers differed, and it is what made us delve into it.  With a new Vision.                                                                                             

   Many researchers agree that the pledge of allegiance to the caliph after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was carried out through the Shura Council and the evidence for what happened in the selection of Abu Bakr Al - Siddiq (may God be pleased with him  ) as a Successor to Muslims, While others See that the Caliphate in Islan was condit |  onal on the commandment of the Prophet Muharrr \ ad (PBUH), and the evidence of what happened in Ghadeer Khum, when he recommended the caliphate to Ali bin Abi Talib after hirri.  Indeed, the systern of guardianship of the Covenant was introduced in the era of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan, who granted his son Yazid the authority after him.                                              

   In addition to offering opinions above, the research included the nature of the conflict for power, which was  not devoid of methods of power and oppression, and Yazid bin Muawiyah resorted to this method of suppressing opponents of him.  Where Muslims agreed on the illegality of Yazid assuming the caliphat                                                                                                 

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