The Influence of Human Capital Management on Competitive Advantage of Thai Jasmine rice Business

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Chayanan Kerdpitak


Human capital management (HCM) is related to people resource management. It is a set of practices that are focused on the ministerial need to provide definite competencies and enforced in these categories: workforce management, workforce acquisition, and workforce optimization. According to this study, education, skill set, and health of an individual have a direct influence on human capital management. Moreover, education, skill set, and health of an employee also have a positive influence on the fact; employee engagement. Furthermore, this study shows that employee engagement has a positive influence on the competitive advantage, which is compulsory for the business growth of an organization. Hence, 350 Human resource managers working with different organizations in Thailand were surveyed to collect primary data to find the results of this study. Data was collected by distributing a questionnaire among the respondents via their email addresses. Then, Partial Least Square (PLS) was used to analyze the collected primary data to finalize the results of this study. The results of this study provide sufficient knowledge to achieve competitive advantages for organizations. By increasing the volume of the budget allocated for human capital management enlarges the volume of competitive advantages of employees working in an organization.

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