Characteristics Of Teaching Specialties In Technical Higher Education Institutions

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Sharifbaeva Khalida Yadkarovna ,Abdurazzakova Dildora Anvarovna,Usmanova Makhira Nuralievna,Rajapova Sayyora Sotivoldievn, Shamsiddinova Elmira Mukhamedjanovna a ,


The article describes the essence of the ongoing reforms in the higher education system of Uzbekistan, the institutional framework for the development of higher education, the purpose and objectives of the establishment of the University of Transport. Also, based on the requirements of the higher education system, the main tasks facing teachers in the teaching of special subjects are analyzed content, important conditions for improving the efficiency of the educational process, the optimal combinations of teaching specialties are shown in structural and functional terms. In addition, in order to ensure that theoretical training in the educational process is inextricably linked with practice, the organization of student internships in organizations in the field of transport, the establishment of targeted cooperation for the employment of graduates.

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