Knowledge and familiarity Level of IAU faculty members with strategies and methods of teaching

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Ismail Mohammed Al Nabrawi,


The study aimed to identify knowledge level of IAU faculty members 'at the Deanship of Preparatory year with teaching strategies and methods. Survey descriptive design was used. A multiple-choice test was applied on a random sample consisted of (101) faculty members. The findings showed that the Faculty Members' Knowledge of Teaching was generally moderate, were reported. High levels of teacher centered strategies were found; as lecturing and recitation ranked first. Students centered strategies ranked second with moderate levels; as field visit was the highest. Teacher and student collaborative strategies were third with moderate knowledge; as laboratory work ranked first. There were no statistically significant differences due to gender and teaching universities experience.  The findings showed that faculty members at self- development and basic sciences reported high levels of collaborative instructional methods knowledge and general instructional methods compared to faculty members at other departments. The results of the study indicated that faculty members at English department showed lower levels of student- centered instructional strategies compared to their colleagues in the other four departments. Faculty members of scientific highest levels reported high levels of teachers- centered instructional strategies and collaborative strategies more than their colleagues from bachelor's degree. In light of results, some recommendations were provided.

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