Writing Fluency of First Year BSEd College Students: A Basis for Language Intensification Program

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This research study was conducted to determine the writing fluency level of the 77 first year Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) students of Isabela State University, San Mariano Campus enrolled during the SY 2019 – 2020. Data gathered were analyzed using frequency count, percentage and ranking.

The salient findings are as follows. Out of the 77 respondents, more than half of them demonstrated poor understanding of the topic given and therefore, confusion was evident in their outputs. 

For the respondents writing fluency level on organization of ideas, majority of their had fairly weak performance in organizing and developing ideas and with no supporting details.

In terms ofconventions which deal about grammar, correct usage, and mechanics, more than one half of the respondents’ outputs were marked with numerous errors which significantly interfered with the meaning of their inputs.

About theirlevel of writing difficulties applying style of writing, majority of them had serious and frequent problems with word choice and sentence structure.


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