Formation Systems Of Political Elite: Essence, Peculiarities And Advantages

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Narzulla Juraev, Nargiza Ortikova,


In this article, the essence, features and advantages of the systems of formation of the political elite are studied scientifically and theoretically. In particular, a number of factors that influence the choice of the political elite in two directions in the formation of the political elite-the closeness of the process of forming the political elite and the completely opposite direction of the specifics of the democratic political order   have been analyzed. Also, the place, features of the guild and entrepreneur system, which are the two main systems of elite selection, are revealed through scientific views. It should be noted that the article deals with aspects related to the state apparatus, local self-government bodies, the army, political parties, the education system and other structures and areas that today make up the personnel system and provide it with personnel for the political elite.

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