Oral Creativity Of Karakalpak People Is The Initial Manifestation Of The Socio-Philosophical Ideas Emergence

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Jaksimova Urziya Jumabaevna, Ernazarova Sapura ,Usenov Jiengaliy


The article illuminated that the Karakalpak people have a rich spiritual heritage in the content of oral art, which reflects the unique ideas of centuries-old history and advanced knowledge of the world, philosophical study, the ideological content and educational significance of folklore. Epics, legends, folk songs, proverbs and sayings, fairy tales, words of wisdom and wisdom, superstitions and applause, which are examples of folklore, are studied and analyzed.

The Karakalpak folklore is proved by the complexity of its events, the diversity of its heroes, the diversity of traditions and customs of our people. The people of Karakalpakstan, based on their life experiences, have created moral rules that will serve as a model for future generations. In the wisdom of the people, it stands out as a school that teaches the rules of conduct and educates the simple to think, to behave. Indeed, in the oral tradition of the people, all aspects of the relationship between man and nature, man and society, the hypotheses that define the development of science, technology, imagination, the rules of morality adopted in society are vividly expressed. So, the oral creativity of the people is a source that reflects the mentality and values of each nation. The younger generation reads the folklore and learns not only the socio-philosophical views, but also the traditions and customs of the Karakalpak people.

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