Evaluation of Teachers, Supervisors and Accelerated Students Concerning Academic Acceleration in Saudi Arabia

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Yusra Zaki Aboud


Numerous studies consider academic acceleration to be the preferred method to help gifted students attain a higher level of achievement. The academic acceleration is being implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for six years now. The current study aims to evaluate acceleration by teachers, supervisors, and accelerated students. Two questionnaires were developed. The first one consisted of (42) items and was developed to evaluate acceleration by teachers and supervisors. The second one consisted of (8) items and aimed at evaluating acceleration by the accelerated students themselves. The study sample consisted of (238:88 gifted teachers; 50 supervisors; and 100 accelerated students). The results of the sample indicated that most teachers and supervisors have considered acceleration to be a recommended method for gifted students and successful intervention for their development. These teachers and supervisors declared that the academic acceleration has helped the accelerated students to attain high levels of social competency, patent school motivation and achievement, and balanced emotional growth. The accelerated students have also expressed positive and contented statements about acceleration.

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